Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our New Yorker son has returned to those freezing northern climes. His absence fills the house. We've calculated that he should have arrived several hours ago and wait anxiously for news. He was unsure if he’d be able to use his cell phone when he arrived. I picture him in a yellow cab heading to Brooklyn, his boxed bicycle wedged into the cab’s back seat. I know he was anxious to return and get on with his life, though filled with uncertainties. Studies completed, he faces the arduous, slow process of job hunting.

And I face the sad task of taking down the Christmas tree, boxing up decorations and struggling to make room for them in the attic. No one should have to deal with this alone. I could organize a “undecorate our Christmas tree party”, but doubt anyone would even RSVP. I’ll approach this as I do other unpleasant projects and tackle it by stages. It will eventually get done, along with putting away the flatware from yesterday’s lunch and calling a repairman for our 30-year-old leaking refrigerator. Is there any way to apply mindfulness to these tasks?

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