Friday, January 17, 2014


Yeah, I know- kind of a weird topic. But, it came to me while reading in bed last night.  My eyes suddenly grew tired, so I closed them. I mean, I closed my eyelids and was struck with the wonder of them. Closing my eyes created such a soothing sensation and immediate relief. I kept them closed for a few minutes, thinking of the benefits of eyelids beyond their obvious protective function. They allow me to block out visual distractions and focus on other sensations: night sounds, the smooth touch of sheets, the comfort my tired body derives from lying in a supine position. Closed eyes enable thinking and imagination. I can transport myself to a remembered lakeside trail or to images from my childhood. The nuances of sound – the rustle of a gentle breeze, the harp notes in an orchestral piece – are enhanced and taken to greater heights of appreciation. And then there are those kaleidoscopic, psychedelic colors and patterns on the insides of eyelids.

I propose some nominations for cool eyelids: Garfield, the cat, camels and their cousins: llamas, alpacas and guanacos – mammals native to Chile. Any other nominations??

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