Monday, January 20, 2014

Los Parronales Writing Retreat

I suffer the Country mouse –City mouse syndrome, longing for the country but destined to city living. But now I have a break – our annual writers’ retreat/workshop on a farm.
Things that have called my attention this first day:

Sounds: twittering quail, blackbirds chattering, airplanes, tractor tilling the field across the road, the wind swooshing through the eucalyptus trees lining the road, like ocean waves – crash then calm, rising and falling.

What I see above me lying on my back: a true blue sky, a seed fairy, a small yellow butterfly buffeted by the wind, struggling to stay on course, soaring hawks. At eye-level, bees and butterflies sampling pollen.

Sighted in the dimming light of dusk:  a horned owl family perched in the eucalyptus where I’ve spotted them in previous years. The  gaggle of writers come out for a look.

Night time sounds: crickets, distant barking dogs, rowdy lapwings calling the alarm.

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