Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mr. S asked me what he could give me for Christmas. This question is an event in our house every December. It’s a dilemma for both of us because I haven’t a clue. I don’t need or want anything. I’d like to get rid of half of what I have. My motto for years has been “travel lightly” and, with the passing years, I’m more convinced that things are a burden.

But families accumulate stuff. The detritus of daily life.  Humanity’s flotsam and jetsam. I know. I’d be ashamed to show anyone our attic. When my mother moved out of the family home of almost 60 years, it took me three days just to go through the boxes of Christmas decorations, wrappings, cards, candles and napkins. I did save some of the ornaments and will put them on the tree next week….if I get around to putting up a tree. Not too motivated in this heat.

Last week I attended a Christmas choral concert at our church, along with my four sisters-in-law and a neighbor friend. I felt I might sprout wings listening to the music and their soaring voices, but afterwards, my companions were indignant that almost all the carols were sung in English. I agreed with them. In the mall it’s “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”. What happened to the Spanish villancicos?

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