Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm going to step up on my soapbox today. I'd like to start a campaign (though a bit late now) against PINK, PLASTIC toys - well other colors, too. Everywhere one looks in toy departments you see PLASTIC. Don't people realize that it all ends up in the garbage sooner or later? Probably sooner. Without realizing it, I've been buying almost all gifts containing little or no plastic. I went to a Christmas bazaar yesterday with dozens of stands offering alternative gifts made from noble materials, cloth, wood and paper (hopefully recycled). I bought locally-made lavender sachets and natural hand and body creams. Offerings included potted herbs, natural soaps, all cotton baby clothes and homemade jams. I'm not the crafty type, eager to make my own gifts, but I do give Christmas cookies, homemade jams and occasionally a potted plant, offspring of one of my garden inhabitants.

Next week I'll have the three grand-girls over to help me decorate our Christmas tree. If I have the energy (reminder: it's almost summer in Chile and the days are HOT, not conducive to baking), we'll make cookies, too. Though they have their own tree at home, they love unwrapping the tissue paper from my collection of ornaments, many once belonging to their great grandparents. (Yes, I enjoy it, too - discovering the tiny glass bell that was a childhood favorite.)

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