Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Worries

I usually refrain from commenting on politics but I can’t pass up this opportunity to share an incident today at my local verdulería, neighborhood fruit and vegetable store (actually a repetition of the conversations at my morning Pilates’ class) . In line to pay, I recognized an acquaintance. After the usual greetings, she brought up the subject of the U.S. elections, which are being watched very closely here in Chile.
            “Have you voted?” she asked.
            “Yes, I have.”
            “I hope that horrible man isn’t elected! He hates latinos!
            Cristina, the owner of the shop, chimed in. “Oh, he’s awful.”
            The other customers in line agreed. While Cristina weighed my strawberries, I said to the group, “I only wish that Chileans could vote in this election.”

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