Monday, November 3, 2014

Return to Paradise

Back to my Tarweed Spirit after a month’s absence. Contemplating my California sojourn, all I can say is --  my cup runneth over. Immersed in the Ultimate Information Society, I became a sponge, soaking up the abundance of ideas and opportunities, stimulated, energized.

Things I noticed:
Americans shaking hands when meeting for the first time! So accustomed to the Chilean kissing society, hand shaking feeling stiff and formal.
The sex change process now being referred to as gender reassignment.
Baseball becoming exciting, especially if the San Francisco Giants are playing (and winning) the World Series.
Frisky squirrels, noisy blue jays and shiny, coal-black crows harvesting the abundant acorns.
A guitarist playing for money by the line for the cable car sporting a tee shirt with the slogan: Legalize gay marijuana. Love it!
The neighbor’s goats, Buff and Sunny, crunching on dry magnolia leaves as if they were potato chips. Petting the goats leaving the scent of goat cheese on my hands all day.
 The habitats of vegetation in the Fairfax hills varying according to their orientation: pungent redwood, madrone, bay and dry grass each marking their territory with their distinctive scent.

Euphoric moments:
Longing to soar like the gulls while viewing the resplendent Pacific Ocean from the Muir Beach Lookout on a clear day.

On the trail detecting the scent of tarweed and realizing I was standing in a field of tarweed, their tiny yellow flowers winking in the sunlight.

A flying sensation filling me as I crossed a bridge over the San Francisco Bay. From its silken surface, tiny, sun-struck wavelets sparkling like stars fallen from the heavens.
Laughing and at ease with old classmates.

Staring down a coyote over a farm fence and admiring his bushy tail.
Antlered deer crossing the road before our car headlights in the black night.
Hearing a childhood playmate relate the story of our adventurous ride down my steep road on our red scooters, a ride which ended in screams and crashes upon encountering a long snake in our path.
Becoming addicted to chocolate chip cookies.
Discovering The Little Free Library on Sycamore Avenue.

Realizing I’m still capable of reaching the top of Mt. Tamalpais.

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