Sunday, November 24, 2013

Received another magazine rejection for a piece I'd submitted. It's a good piece in my opinion. I'll look for another loving home for it. We writers hear constantly: BE PREPARED FOR REJECTIONS. Fine, I'm prepared, but an acceptance is such a great motivator, and I'm in need of one soon. What would I do without the wonderful women in my writing group who encourage and support?

Tomorrow I have two rather unpleasant chores to do: renew my driver's license and go downtown to the government electoral service office. I was unable to vote in last Sunday's presidential elections here as my name and ID number were on no list. It felt like I didn't exist! A mystery, as I've always voted. I want to be able to vote on December 15th in the run-off election between the two women candidates. I'm hoping for a woman president in the U.S. next term.

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